Latah AuxComm Team members have met the following requirements:


  1. Two personal recommendations, preferably from members of the Amateur Radio Community.
  2. Taken and passed ICS 100, 200, and 700.
  3. Passed a basic background check.
  4. Been approved for membership by the Latah County Emergency Manager.

Any licensed Amateur Radio operator is welcome to apply for membership in the Latah AuxComm Team. Members will be provided with an identification card that will grant access to the District 2 County/Tribe EOCs during EmComm events.

Annual dues

Annual dues for AuxComm membership are $25/year. This money is used to support the trailer, purchase supplies and replacement parts, and, possibly, some new equipment.

Crowd Funding

There may be occasions where something is needed for the organization and we simply do not have the funds for it. We may "pass the hat" to try and raise the needed money. IT IS STRICTLY VOLUNTARY and we will NOT keep track of who contributes how much! Donations are welcome, but NOT required!


AuxComm does not currently have its own meetings. Instead, we meet with the Do Something Amateur Radio Club, DSARC. DSARC meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of the month. The first Tuesday is generally a business meeting, the third Tuesday is often a lab or other training. While business meeting attendance is not required, AuxComm members ARE EXPECTED to attend labs and other trainings, as appropriate for what we are doing or working on.

Field Exercises

Training, and Events. AuxComm members are expected to attend field exercises, training, and events. Every time we take our radio gear to the field, it is valuable training for our overall mission of supporting our served agencies. Therefore, attendance at field exercises, training, and events is expected.

Participation Expectations

We realize that not everyone can make every training opportunity, whether classroom or field. At this point we do not have a set minimum number of activities that must be attended to maintain active membership in AuxComm. In general, we expect attendance but if you are unable to attend, please let one of the team members who IS attending know you won't be there so we know not to expect you.

On Air Nets

There are three primary emergency serviced nets in the Latah County area:

  • Whitman/Latah ARES Net, Thursday, 6:30 PM, 146.74 repeater.
  • Latah/Whitman ARES Net, Thursday, 7:00 PM, 146.82 repeater.
  • Palouse Emergency Net, Sunday, 7:00 PM, 146.82 repeater.

Latah AuxComm members are expected to regularly check in with one or more of these nets both for information sharing and to check equipment. If you are geographically unable to check in, please let Bill Ward, K9GRZ, know the situation--we have expectations, but we are also reasonable!

Trailer Towing

Latah AuxComm has a very nice, but rather large, communications trailer--33 feet from hitch to bumper. Full members of AuxComm who are comfortable pulling such a large trailer, and who have a minimum of a 3/4 ton tow vehicle, are welcome to pull it to exercises, trainings, and events after attending a brief training and familiarization session. NO ONE WILL EVER BE REQUIRED TO PULL THE TRAILER! If no one can deliver it to a needed location, we'll get by without it.

If you are interested in joining please dowload the applications below:

Once completed return the application and ICS certificates to Disater Services at the Latah County Annex 200 S Almon Street, Moscow, Idaho 83843. At this time hold on to the background check waiver until further notice. Once the application is submitted it will be reviewed and given to the Emergency Manager for his signature.

Aux Comm Application | Background Check Waiver